Support Asylum Seekers

The principal objects of our organisation is to provide practical support to disadvantaged
refugees, asylum seekers and vulnerable migrants with information, advice and guidance, as
many could hardly write, read or speak English Language with any degree of fluency. Most
find it hard to access services from mainstream or statutory service providers. We signpost
them to access a range of support services from statutory and voluntary providers in
Birmingham. We also organise a range of after school activities, including revision Home
work in Maths, English Sciences and Computing, sports/football, drama, debate and trips to
educational sites and museums etc.

Another issue is destitution and homelessness faced by our clients. Our destitute clients
include failed asylum seekers, irregular migrants with no recourse to public funds or people
experiencing mental health issues, victims of domestic abuse etc. Most do not speak English
and have a very limited understanding of the system.
We support our most vulnerable clients at a time when statutory agencies are reducing the
already limited services to this marginalized group of people.

Homelessness is also a major issue experienced by many of our clients. Majority of our
clients are not necessarily sleeping rough on the streets, but are without accommodation.
Once their claims are refused or removed, many asylum seekers within our community end
up homeless or reduced to a life of ‘street homelessness, or ‘sofa surfing’ with people from
same community and friends or family from one short term stay to the next.

Some stay in accommodation provided by churches, mosque or temples, while many more
stay in supported accommodation provided by voluntary organisations such as Hope
Destitution Housing in Birmingham for many months. Homelessness, or series short term
accommodation, is therefore, a growing problem faced by our clients who are forced to rely
on the exhaustible generosity of friends, their own community or destitution charities.